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Hive Media Marketing was started to offer small businesses effective yet affordable social media marketing solutions.

We are a couple who run our own online businesses and promote our products and services through Facebook and Twitter. Vanessa's background is in retail distribution sales, marketing and business development. She has worked for a number of high profile brands. Ian has experienced a more unique business journey which has recently involved a significant amount of personal branding and promotion.

Our combined experiences of managing and developing our own successful websites and social media accounts mean that we now have an in-depth understanding of the steps required to implement a highly effective online campaign with proven results.

We have seen that simply opening a Facebook or Twitter account is no guarantee that you will immediately receive a substantial following or increase in customers. It takes effort and it takes originality, along with creative persistence on a daily basis. It requires an understanding of who your customer is and the best ways to engage with them.

We are confident that we can provide you with the results you expect and our pricing structure is extremely competitive. Our aim is to keep things simple, to listen to what you want to achieve and to produce results.
Ian Usher & Vanessa Anderson
Our collective background is in sales, marketing, business development, graphic design, social media, PR, copywriting, publishing, video production and editing, web design and email marketing.

We maintain a small and manageable database of clients so that we can always offer individual and personal attention. We work remotely from our home in Central America and live what some people might suggest is a slightly alternative lifestyle!

For us a healthy mix of work and leisure time is important but our off-grid home means that we can maintain a smaller number of clients. We have no intention of building our business beyond manageable proportions and so you can always be assured of a high level of quality and service.

We very much look forward to working with you. Website Footer
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