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why you need to take social media seriously:

1) There are now a billion people using social media - think of the potential outreach.

2) Almost 20% of time spent on the internet is using social media - this is expected to grow through the next decade.

3) Search engines love to spider Twitter and Facebook. With links to your website this can increase your page rank and drive much more traffic to your site.

4) Now that Facebook have introduced business pages, many people search directly for a brand or product on social media, bypassing search engines. You need to come up in these searches.

5) It is FREE advertising - it costs you nothing to post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter. Your followers are relevant to your business, as they have chosen to follow you and want to know about your products.

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Simply put, social media is a prominent part of our culture. You need to be using it and connecting with your customers.

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