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Case Study #1

IAN USHER - Traveller, Adventurer, Writer, Speaker

We initially started research into social media marketing during a re-branding of the Ian Usher website. Ian has an unusual story, and was looking at launching a new career as a speaker.

We wanted to create a more professional website along with a fully integrated, consistently branded social media platform, to take advantage of recent and upcoming media coverage.

The pictures in the right column show the new branding visuals.

In Ian's case he already had a personal Facebook page with a substantial number of "friends". We decided the best approach was to convert Ian's personal Facebook profile into a business page. This had the advantage of converting all existing friends into business page "likes' or "fans". This resulted in an instant following of over 300 people.

Regular on-going posts of relevant, engaging and interesting content mean that Ian now has close to 500 followers after the first month.

This has transferred directly into sales of Ian's two travel books.

Alongside Ian's Facebook profile we have built up his Twitter following from around 200 people to over 600. This has also helped drive traffic to Facebook and the website, which has again resulted in additional book sales and speaker enquiries.

Social media interaction regularly adds enthusiastic followers who are interested in Ian's story and message. This is the type of customer that you need to be attracting via your own social media campaign.

Buttons such as these:

on your website also help drive traffic in the other direction creating a fully integrated online experience for your customers. This allows them to contact you and interact using whichever method they feel most comfortable with.



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