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Whatever your view, social media marketing is a key strategy for reaching and influencing your clients. And more and more businesses are using Facebook business pages and Twitter to build interactive relationships with their customers.

This makes it equally important that your social media content is both relevant and entertaining, so that you quickly build a following that remains engaged. Engaged not not only with your company, but with your brand, product or service.

And it's not easy coming up with unique, original and creative content on a daily basis.

This is where we can help ....

Our combined marketing, design and copywriting skills will ensure that your new or revamped Facebook and Twitter accounts set you apart from your competitors.

This will ....
  • improve your online visibility
  • build interaction into your social media pages
  • increase traffic to your website
  • expand your customer base
  • improve your company profitability

We offer a simple plan to get you started. No long-term commitment, no contract - give us as much information about your product or service, your competition and your specific goals and we will get your social media strategy underway and working effectively for you and your business.

Take a look at our Social Media page. You will find our prices extremely competitive and we offer three packages: Facebook only, Twitter only or a combination of both. For more information please email us on the Contact Page.

We can also help with e-mail campaigns, website design, book publishing and general marketing enquiries on request.

A lot of small businesses have a personal page, but not a Facebook business page. If you’re still mixing personal with business, now is the time to create a proper business page that won’t get cluttered with your latest vacation photos or updates on your relationship status.

The primary difference is that you will acquire "fans" or "likes" on a business page rather than "friends" on a personal page. A professional image banner can be included, as well as a lot more information about your business or products.

Hive Media Marketing can create a new business page for your organisation, or convert your existing personal page into a business option, transferring all your existing "friends" to become immediate "likes". Website Footer
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